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Tapping the power Within

Tapping the power Within

Gently Used Book. 

Tapping the Power Within. A path to self-empowerment for women. 

Revised and expanded 20th edition. 

Author- Iyanla Vanzant 

    “Tapping the power within offers a powerful path to self-empowerment through the revitalization of Spirit. Whether you are a beginner on your path or a veteran in need of refreshment, Iyanla’s pragmatic prescription can support your growth from the comfort of spiritual adolescence to the wisdom of spiritual maturity. Written with Iyanla’s signature healing stories, this classic volume is the ultimate user’s guide to spiritual housekeeping. Offered to assist you on your journey toward peace, love, and the freedom to be who you are, this book is the perfect companion on the way toward the real you. Tapping the power within is Iyanla’s gift to readers who have been inspired by her journey. Its powerful exercises, which unite the will within the spirit, teach that only you have the power to make a change for the better. You no longer need to settle for the way things are. You can open up to the way things can be- if you dare to tap into the power within. 

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