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Spiritual Healing. A Guide for Healing the Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Spiritual Healing. A Guide for Healing the Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Gently used book 

Spiritual Healing. A Simple Guide for the Healing of the Body, Mind, & Spirit. 

Author - Dr Stuart Grayson

Description:  “ From one of the world's preeminent authorities on spiritual healing comes a universally beneficial guide to releasing the limitless power within us to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits to fundamentally transform our lives. Dr. Grayson plainly states as the bedrock of his spiritual psychology “ Everything we need to live a happy, whole, satisfied life inside us.” He demonstrates that spiritual healing is for everyone and is a genuine and natural result of the way the universe functions when we learn to use it correctly. In his nearly thirty five years of work as a pioneer of spiritual healing as a pastor & president of the First Church Religious Science in New York, Dr. Greyson has seen thousands of individuals suffering from emotional distress and a variety of physical ailments respond to remarkable ministrations of spiritual healing. In this practical guide for all who seek alternative therapies for ills and problems that are attendant to our complex world. Dr. Greyson identifies the thirteen principles that are the backbone of all self-healing. Spiritual healing offers permanent relief for the worries and difficulties that plague us. Indeed, it can bring a complete revolution in the consciousness and the body, and thus effect enduring physical, mental, and emotional change. Dr. Greyson has studied with outstanding teachers of Eastern and Western spiritual ideas and psychology. He disavows any labels connoting guru or charismatic leader. He is a teacher who refuses to be influenced by what he calls mass-minded group-think. He does not offer simplistic positive thinking as an antidote to the complications and stressful problems of everyday life, in Spiritual Healing Dr. Greyson illustrates with painstricking simplicity, how to broaden our spiritual consciousness to discover the way in which it directs the union of intelligence, bodily health, and mental stamina in every one of us.”

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