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Sodalite Pendulum
  • Sodalite Pendulum

    Crystal pendulums are a unique way to add crystals into your spiritual practice. Building a relationship with your pendulum and learning how it speaks to you is important. Once you have learned the language of your pendulum it can be an amazing tool to access the information your spirit team has for you to help you fulfill your contracts and live your life to the highest potential. Just as its blue hue represents sodalite is a stone of calm, tranquility, and harmony. With correspondence to the Third Eye chakra use sodalite to deepen your meditation. By removing metal blockages it can be a great assist in enhancement of your intuitive and psychic practices. Working towards breaking cycles and changing thought patterns, sodalite encourages the release of imprinted thought patterns to make way for new insights and understandings to flourish. Because this stone connects to both the masculine and the feminie balance is replenished when working with it. When entering a situation that you need to stand your ground, Sodalite helps you to see, understand, and express your truth, making you grounded in your own sense of self. 


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