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Fern Leaves


Septarian  Also known as Dragons egg for its appearance is usually formed from a mix of Yellow Calcite, Brown Aragonite, and Grey Limestone. This stone has strong correspondence to the lower three Chakras, the Root, the Sacral, and the Solar Plexus. For this reason you can expect a feeling of grounding. Septarian is known to shield the energy space of the user by creating a protective field or bubble bouncing any negative or unwanted vibes right off it and away from your energy field. Strong connections to the zodiac Taurus and the element fire. It is also referred to as the speaking stone for it aids in improved communication as well as bringing forth a sense of nurturing happiness and understanding. If you struggle to find the right words in certain situations or have a fear of speaking up or speaking publicly, working with a Septarian stone can help you to remedy these things by allowing you to feel confident in your words as well as secure and supported as you speak your truth. This listing is for one tumble per listing.

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