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Ruby Zoisite Tumbles

Ruby Zoisite Tumbles

Anyolite also or more commonly known as Ruby zoisite connects you to your Heart Chakra and your Crown Chakra set in the zodiacs of Aquarius and Aries. One of the strongest benefits to come from this mystical stone is the boost in what is known as soul memory. Soul memories are recollections from past lives helping you to understand lessons from your guides. Anyolite is said to boost your spirituality, really helping you to dive deep into your spiritual journey. If your looking for a metaphysical prescription for you’re anxiety and depression Anyolite can reduce your stress while promoting happiness and self esteem by providing an understand on of ones self. When you place it on your crown chakra you can feel a surge by tapping into your own energy space your abilities can flourish while simultaneously bridging a connection to your spirit team. This listing is for one tumble. 

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