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Red Jasper Mini Hearts

Red Jasper Mini Hearts

Red Jasper

Chakra: Root Zodiac: Aries & +Cancer. 

Palm stones are convenient crystals to have in your collection. They harness the power of the crystal in a small oval shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand making them amazing assets when meditating. On top of the amazing power palm stones themselves carry, these Red Jasper palm stones will help you seamlessly ground when indulging in your meditation practice. With a fiery red energy you can use red jasper to enhance the passion in your life and bring you a sense of security and balance in your relationships with the ones you love. Red jasper is a great tool for dream work. Putting Red Jasper under your pillow or hanging above your bed will bring you protection during astral-travels. One of the most used stones for helping with dream recall, keeping a dream journal next to your bed with your red jasper and writing down what you remember as you awaken, could serve you well when learning to interpret dreams. 

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