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Fern Leaves
Petrified Wood Palm Stones
  • Petrified Wood Palm Stones

    Petrified wood is such a beautiful tool to use  when learning to interpret the messages Gaia has for you. Earthly divination practices are enhanced with Petrified Wood seeing as at one point it was intertwined with the Pure essence that is Gaia to sustain its life force. When we think strong and grounded for most of us trees are one of the first things that come to the forefront of our minds eye, so it is no doubt that Petrified Wood has strong correspondents to your Root Chakra. Assisting in activating and unblocking this energy vortex for a more balanced life. You can use this tool in your meditation practices to enhance the connection and seeping your meditative state grounding your soul deep in the Earth. Enhance your spiritual growth with some of these Petrified Wood palm stones. Choose from the three pictured above. This listing is for one palm stone per listing.  


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