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PeachMoonstone XL Heart

PeachMoonstone XL Heart

Chakra: Crown Zodiac: Cancer

Moonstones are amazing crystals as they harness the mystical power of the moon! Peach moonstones are great for helping you to connect with spirit by seeing the divine light in every situation. Boosting clearity, intuition, and other psychic abilities. Since the moonstone is feminie in energy and connected to the moon it is no surprise that this crystal has many benefits to the female body. Linking your vibrations with the vibrations of the moon you can find relief during your moontime by working with this stone. Looking to add to your family adding a moonstone to your bed space can have positive effects on your body and boost fertility. Considered a protection stone while traveling, keeping one in your car can protect you on your adventures. This crystal is often suggested as a first time crystal for children or teens because it is a calming, soothing vibration that opens up the heart space to receive love and give emotional support to the holder of this crystal.  

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