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Large Yellow Jasper Tumbles
  • Large Yellow Jasper Tumbles

    Large Yellow Jasper Tumbles 

    Jasper in all its forms provides grounding and protection energy. Cleansing and protecting the energy vortexes in your body known as the Chakra System! One of the great things about this stone is that it is rich in the color yellow. You can expect your happiness to flourish when you’re working with this crystal. Known as a travel this tumble can be of good use when you are driving since it has many different ways to protect you. Not only is it of good use as you travel in your daily life, it is also a great protector as you travel the dream world during astral projection. Coating your body in a bright glow of protection that allows you to travel safely then return to your body when you are done. Yellow Jasper is the form of Jasper that works the most with the physical body. A few of the physical benefits are to detoxify the body which benefits the digestive tracts, liver, and pancreas. When you are feeling sick to your stomach grab your Yellow Jasper. Sending a boost to your immune system and your mental health Yellow Jasper is the perfect tool to ease your tensions.

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