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Labradorite Freeform #5
  • Labradorite Freeform #5


    A hidden beauty with a gorgeous colorful flash at the right angle. Labradorite is known to boost awareness and intuition while repelling any energy that is not welcomed into your vibrational field. With the correct intentions it can clear and open all chakras helping you to find balance and peace within yourself. Since it is used to cleanse and purify the energy field it is a great choice to connect to Spirit. Combine with Carnelian for an amazing boost to your energy source. Keep an eye out for synchronicities when carrying labradorite as they are messages from Spirit. Labradorite opens your eyes to your truth so it is a beautiful choice in new beginnings.  This freeform weighs in at 3 pounds 9 ounces with an incredible multicolored flash on both sides. 

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