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Green Aventurine Pyramid

Green Aventurine Pyramid

Small Green Aventurine pyramids perfect for crystal grids. 

Chakra: Heart Zodiac: Taurus and Virgo 

With its green color prosperity and good fortune is always in abundance for the user. It is even nicknamed the “Lucky Talisman”. So if you are someone really struggling or needing a surge of abundant energy check out of these pyramids!  Keeping it close to your heart space helps to activate and cleanse the heart chakra. It is said that placing a pyramid on the chakra will not only help to activate it but to draw negative energy from the vortexes out through the point!  Aventurine has strong correspondence to the earth making it a grounding powerhouse. Green aventurine is known to promote empathy for others situations, which is why it's a good crystal to use when you are trying to connect with another soul. Pyramids amplify the crystals properties and help to focus intentions. They make great centerpieces for crystal grids since they amplify the energy and will enhance manifestation! 


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