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Cleansing Sprays

Cleansing Sprays

Want the cleansing power of an herb wand without the smoke? Green Goddess Essentials hand crafted cleansing sprays are infused with Crystals, Herbs, and Essentials Oils to bring cleansing and intention into your space. Choose from :

* Peace Blend with infused with Lavender buds and Essential Oil & Rainbow Fluorite and Green Aventurine crystals. This blend instills an overall feeling of calm and peace. Great to spray your bed with before sleeping. 

* Protection Blend infused with Sage leaves, Palo Santo Essential Oil, and Snowflake Obsidian Crystal. Use this blend if you are looking for some extra grounding and protection. Spray yourself or your space. Great blend to use in your car to give you an extra bubble of protection during your travels. 

* Uplift Blend comes infused with a Calendula flower, Lemongrass Eucalyptus Mint Essential Oils, and a Carnelain Crystal. Use this blend when you need a boost of energy physically or mentally. Perfect to use when you need that added serotonin to help you have a joyous and productive day. 

Try one if you really resonate, or try a mix pack of all three. 

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