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Carnelain Gua Sha

Carnelain Gua Sha

A Gua Sha is a scraping tool used to drain the Lymphatic system in different parts of the body. Some of the many benefits of using a Gua Sha tool is wrinkle reduction, lifting and fighting of skin, pain relief for the musculoskeletal system for example the shoulders or lower back pain, and so much more. Add the benefits of the crystal and you are truly working healing magic. With correspondence to the Sacral and Solar plexus Carnelian assists with physical issues such as metabolism and circulation. With its fire red appearance this crystal is known to ignite passion and boost your confidence making it a great choice when looking for assistance in finding and accepting your true self. With benefits to your mood by raising your vibration and energy field it is a good choice to have in your space while you are working or doing something that requires you to put forth a lot of your energy reserves. Like most crystals, carnelian can be used to work against negative energy. This listing is for one Gua Sha tool. 

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