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Bringing Your Shadow Out Of The Dark

Bringing Your Shadow Out Of The Dark

Gently used book. 

Brining Your Shadow Out Of The Dark. Breaking free of the hidden forces that drive you. 

Author- Robert Augustus Masters, PHD. 

 “Our Shadow” teaches Robert Augustus Masters, “is our internal store house for the parts of ourselves that we disowned or rejected, or otherwise keeping in the3 dark. The more unaware we are of it the more it influences and controls us. 

Based upon master’s four decades of of work as a therapist and psychospiritual guide this definitive offering helps us to understand and skillfully work with the rich yet neglected shadow domains of ourselves at both individual and collective levels. With depth and clarity, he illuminates the process of welcoming our shadow elements in a safe way- to restore a more integrated and healthy experience of who we are. 

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