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Breathe In The Love Cleansing Blend

Breathe In The Love Cleansing Blend

Breathe In The Love

A loving blend of cleansing herbs to burn and bring all the love of the divine to your energy space. Red rose petals are a universal symbol for love. Automatically bringing the thought of unconditional love to the fore-front of your headspace. Jasmine flowers are connected to the spiritual aspect of love. Burn before bed to assist in prophetic dreams. Lavender buds bring forth healing to the mind and soul, while also promoting peace and loving vibes to your aura. Hibiscus flowers are known to attract love and lust. Strong botanical for divination practices. White Sage removes negativity from your energy space and cleanses the aura of all that no longer serves you. Topped with a tumbled Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a true stone of unconditional love. Bringing healing to your energy space in the form of the love. 

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