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Blood Stone Skull Carvings

Blood Stone Skull Carvings

This listing is for one Skull each. 


Chakra: Heart and Root Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra

Heliotrope nicknamed bloodstone translates to “Sun Turner” is a fire element crystal which makes it a great protection and cleansing crystal. This crystal is also nicknamed “Audible Oracle” because of its highly mystical properties. When working with Bloodstone you can experience enhanced intuition or visions. Those who dabble in divination can experience boosts in spell work when using Bloodstone. It can be used to aid in grounding when it is needed which I know in my life is very often. Many also use bloodstone when doing dream work. The reason Bloodstone is a good tool for all of these different things is because it instills strength, courage, and creativity  all while protecting the user from any harmful situations. Aggressive personalities benefit tremendously from the use of Bloodstone because it reduces anger and tension. Many enjoy working with Bloodstone for its benefits to the immune system adding strengthening energies to your body improving your immunity. 

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