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Amethyst Cluster #6 w/ Optical Calcite

Amethyst Cluster #6 w/ Optical Calcite

As a member of the Quartz family Amethyst is a master healer with a hardness level of 7 making it a water safe stone. Using this stone in ways of purification can help the user transform their life. Reducing the need to indulge in bad habits that are harmful to you and your energy field. Removing negative energy that tries to enter your energy field by creating a sort of protective bubble around your Aura. Using Amethyst during your meditation practice can activate the Crown Chakra bringing you to a higher level of awareness deepening your connection to your Spirit Team. Stimulating what is known as the higher mind allows you to boost overall brain function and memory. With a friendly energy it is a good stone for beginners on their journey. This gorgeous cluster has a large deposit of Optical Calcite through out. 

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