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Amazonite Cube

Amazonite Cube


Chakra : Heart & Throat 

Zodiac : Virgo 

Amazonite is a crystal known to instill peace and calming to the aura of the user. As a crystal healer I love to work with it when I am having trouble quieting my mind, or if my anxiety is really giving me a run for my money. It is said that working with Amazonite can make a huge difference quieting the mind and slowing down racing thoughts and for me it is spot on. I always feel a world of difference after I've spent some time working with this crystal. Not only does it work to help with your anxiety but Amazonite has benefits to ease aggression in the energy field. Noticeable differences in snappiness, anger, and aggression can be felt and seen.  Amazonite brings forth a sense of security in oneself. This means when grounding with your Amazonite crystal you are not simply grounding but more so into your true higher self. You may experience a more carefree attitude when it comes to what you feel is best for you. You will feel more secure in your choices with far less care for the opinions of others because you can trust yourself and your decisions. Another amazing benefit to working with Amazonite is this era we are surrounded by technology everywhere we turn. These technological devices transmit powerful radiation to the collective energy field which can have many negative effects on us. Amazonite can block harmful radiation like EMF waves from affecting our energy field. Listing is for one intcube. 

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