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Sardonyx Palm Stones

Sardonyx Palm Stones

Sardonyx is a fire stone with strong connections to the zodiac Capricorn because it is ruled by the planet Mars. Bringing with it fierce protection, putting a fire in your soul and warming your energy field. Sardonyx is a mix of Onyx and Carnelian giving it healing properties from both stones. I love this stone for it fosters a sense of security while it creates spaces for you to real get in tune with your true sense of self. For those who have had their fair share of rough go’s Sardonyx is a good crystal to work with as it brings with it happy ,content  and positive vibrations and a true positive outlook while it helps you gain a foothold on your focus in life. To all my light workers having a Sardonyx with you after you practice can help pull you back to the earth vibrational field after heavy spiritual work. For its benefits to the physical body you can find relief from your back pain or even ease in women’s menstrual cramps. 

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