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Rhodonite Sphere

Rhodonite Sphere

One of the strongest benefits to working with Rhodonite is the great sense of balance emotionally that can  be felt within its vibrational field. If you are someone who deals with codependency issues working with this crystal has been shown to provide relief. Many people have said to notice a reduction of emotionally induced self destructive behaviors. It is believed that the emotional balance that comes with working with Rhodonite helps you to handle difficult situations with ease and a positive judgment and attitude having much more beneficial outcomes. Having a level head in situations that would normally trigger you allowing you to see things from a different perspective making room for true healing! Rhodonite vibrates at a frequency that helps to soothe the body's nervous system. This promotes a sense of overall well being to your energy field washing waves of calming energy over your aura relaxing your physical and spiritual bodies. Sphere stand included with purchase of sphere. 

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