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Purple Jade
  • Purple Jade

    Purple Jade 

    Chakra- Crown, Third Eye, and Earth Star 

    Mohs Hardness- 6.5 - 7 

    Working with this stone is said to bring forward your humorous side. Allowing you to not take life so seriously. This helps you to understand and truly accept that everything is in Divine timing. Recommended to be worn by those who need to relax a bit, those who have anger that have trouble keeping in check. I think one of the best benefits of this stone is the ability to help you realize what people or situations are best aligned with your highest truth, as well as those that are not aligned. Connecting the upper Chakra system with the Lower Earthstar Chakra allows you to move from a balance, grounds, and expand all at the same time.  This listing is for one Purple Jade tumble per listing. 

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