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Peacock Labradorite Palmstone
  • Peacock Labradorite Palmstone

    Palm stones got their name because these little abundant healers fit perfectly inside the palm of your hand making them particularly useful when it comes to integrating crystals into your meditation practice. Labradorite is a stone of abundant mystical properties. Bringing you closer to spirit your intuition.  Banisher of illusions, use this stone to help you see truth in a situation. Helping to open your eyes bringing clarity and understanding. By gazing into the flash of color in a labradorite it is said to connect you with other realms and your past life making it the perfect companion to accompany you in your shadow work.

    Cleanse your stones energy field often as it absorbs energy. You want your crystal to be as fresh as possible to work the best for you! You herbs to cleanse your crystals or set them in the light of the full moon. Charge your crystals power by the sunlight! What comes from the earth is charged and cleansed by the earth. 

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