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Gold Tigers Eye Vials

Gold Tigers Eye Vials

2 ounce glass vials. 

Tigers Eye 

Chakra * Solar Plexus zodiac * Capricorn & Leo 

Known as the stone of wisdom bringing with it courage and clarity in its energy field. Adding motivation to your daily life by helping you to take action in all areas of your life. A crystal jam packed full of will power making it easier to assert yourself. For this reason I always recommend a Tigers eye for someone with a very timid demeanor who has trouble standing their ground or even just for someone who needs help to make a difficult choice. Many spiritual workers who are using Tigers Eye receive visions of past lives, which can be a huge benefit when doing shadow work. Enhancing prosperity and luck try keeping one in your pocket and see if you notice a change in your luck! Physically Tigers Eye can be used to strengthen bones and even aid in healing broken bones. 

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