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Blue Calcite Slabs
  • Blue Calcite Slabs

    Blue Calcite

    Chakra*Throat & Third Eye Zodiac * Cancer & Pisces 

    Blue Calcite is one of the most beneficial stones used in dream work. Many say to place a blue calcite under your pillow to enhance prophetic dreams or the chance of receiving a message from someone who has passed on. Those who like to practice astral  travel may find benefits within the Blue Calcite crystal . It is also reported the user has better dream recall when working with  it. Not only is it beneficial to your dream work but it has additional benefits when it comes to your psychic gifts as well. Blue Calcite is known to enhance intuition, visions, and other messages from spirit. I think any energy healer is really missing out on a key tool if they do not have a piece of Blue Calcite in their healing kit.   Anxiety plagues most  of the world if you're looking for a crystal to assist you in conquering that pesky mind try some Blue Calcite to reinforce the calm mindset you're searching from while adding a tranquil vibration to your energy space.  Known as a filter crystal for the fact it can, absorb, cleanse, and return energy with added benefits to support the user.

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